Asiya K.

” I found out about Rob through Desdimi Salon who hosted ARTWEAR 2012 event at Crescendo. We invited him as a guest live painter to work throughout the night. To start with, he came very prepared and on time. He was very professional and friendly with staff and guests. But most importantly, of course, his work was outstanding! Despite the pressure, poor lighting, and extremely crowded space he created a unique and a beautiful piece of art. Thank you!”

Asiya K.

Crescendo ARTWEAR Coordinator

Killian W.

“Rob Hogan is inviting, immediately removes any doubts, just follow his directions & it works! He’s a local artist, making this a genuine learning experience. Of course, don’t put your paint brushes in your drink as i did.”

Killian W.

Paint Nite Customer

Stephen D.

“Tapping into a deeply personal experience, artist and educator Rob Hogan dedicated more than one hundred hours to paint his sophisticated vision in his own unique style for the Hearts a Bluhm project. Especially touched were the cardiologists who, thanks to Hogan’s skillful execution, were able to ‘read’ the painting and reaffirm the tragic diagnosis in My Father’s EKG. Hogan continues to work across several styles and various subjects he is passionate about creating approachable art for an increasingly dedicated audience of collectors.”
Stephen D.
Creative Coordinator Hearts a Bluhm project and
Director of Academic Initiatives at Columbia College Chicago

Emma S.

“Rob is a vastly talented artist. The astounding work he can create in a matter of minutes is mind blowing. I saw him for the first time at an event as he managed to paint an impressive and realistic portrait while simultaneously holding conversations and being surrounded by hundreds of people. After witnessing his talent, I begged him to do a live painting for an event I hosted. Rob went above and beyond. He created an extra painting to be auctioned off simply because the energy he felt at the event inspired him — this aspect of Rob’s character and work inspires me. You can truly feel his passion and his love for art through his paintings.”

Emma S.,  Campaign Event Coordinator, Fort Dodge, IA

Andre V.

“Working together with Rob Hogan to create the perfect atmosphere for our community action fundraiser was a pleasure. Rob created a piece live while the bands played at our event and watching him work was every bit as entertaining as he band. The level of skill and professionalism were such that not only would I recommend Rob, I’d check my calendar first to see if I’d be available to check it out! Because of his personal contribution to the event, we were able to exceed our fundraising expectations and people are anticipating the next one we do!”

Andre V., Marketing Manager and Community Organizer, Chicago, IL

Reg M.

“Rob Hogan has been working with Paint Nite for several years and I have nothing but compliments for him. He has tremendous energy and is extremely passionate on whatever he does. He has hosted 100’s of Paint Nite events, and he receives glowing comments from our customers on a weekly basis, several mentioning ability to mix professionalism with entertainment. When I talk with him, he comes up with creative ideas to keep things fresh.”

Reg M.,  Paint Nite Chicago Licensee, Chicago, IL