Current Fine Art Series




In this series, I tear apart instructional paintings which  I created during classes. I  reconstitute torn pieces of these paintings into concentrated mosaics of canvas. All the strips of canvas are attached to canvases in a method which creates dimensional texture. The resulting artworks are concentrated aesthetic experiences comprised of dozens of paintings and the experiences of the audiences present when I created the original works.

This series exemplifies my skill at creating complex compositions which reflect on my earlier pointillism studies. The re-purposing of educational paintings I created during classes is an homage to my dedication to education. And the conservation of material is also an honoring of my heritage.

My grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust, and after arriving in America, they had very little. They were frugal with resources, even hoarding food, including expired food. Living in a family building with my grandparents, I gained a sense that every item has a purpose. In this series, I re-purpose resources to create beauty from what others would discard.

Concentrate Series in Progress

Click here to see a video of work in progress.