Pop Impressionism


Influenced by the impressionists, Rob focuses on the subjective nature of art as it applies to common pop culture. The impressionists remained true to their own perception, and painted for the general public. In this tradition, Rob creates impressions of pop culture and also adopts arguments of Andy Warhol by challenging exactly what constitutes “art”. Rob applies those arguments to our current pop culture, through the lens of the impressionists and focus on the subjective experience of his own personal senses.

Through application of impressionist style and theory to pop culture, Rob suggests that the fans of current science fiction, fantasy, and comic icons identify with those icons on a very personal, unique, and subjective way. Many characters and storylines of pop culture hold influences that are rooted in stories of ancient human cultures and myths. Often, those stories are retold by wrapping a different aesthetic skin around the core archetype or story.  Fans may be connecting to something more universally part on the human condition, rooted in those archetypes, that are part of our collective human consciousness.  Rob aims for his artwork to engage and educate viewers in challenging their own subjective experience of pop culture, and what makes them identify with icons, characters, and storylines.

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